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We transform greatest

ideas into Reality.

FORECASTECH - your technovation partner. 


What we do?
We do FIVE things.

[1] Tech product/business services innovation & development

[2] Research companies, markets, products and technologies to develop customized tech trend forecast and insight

[3] Consult on corporate strategy, product, marketing, patent, and technology plan & road map

[4] Technology transfer,  commercialize, and distributions

[5] Self invest/Private funding tech startup project development


Tech Product & Business Services Innovation

We own invest and acquire funding in our technovation start-up projects. We transfer great ideas to reality through driving the acceleration of innovation integrates deep experience with the end consumer. Our delivery model includes a range of services : tech concept innovation, product conceptual & application design, in-market research, analysis, concept to made, and consumer total solutions,


Product & Technology Enhancement Advisory

We’ve developed strategies that integrate new technologies, new therapies, and new innovative models. We’ve helped technology and corporations go beyond the pill, and device makers create new services and functions of their products that avert commoditization. We help corporation to evolve their products to next shift and go beyond their competitors.


Trade & Distribution Management

Our expertise is rooted in creating powerful new business models that satisfy not just functional needs but also complex emotional and social “jobs to be done.” We’ve helped customer to transfer and distribute the new innovative products into the market while building the O2O formats that lasting innovation capabilities. We connect the product to the end consumer in the most economic supply chain and sales distribution model.

Our Servies

About Us

Forecastech Innovation is a technology innovation and business strategy company. We expertise in the Research & Development of tech products and business services, given our clients lead the cutting-edge tech trend and innovative application across the industry, enable them to go beyond competitors and achieve superior business results. In addition, we provide professional advisory service in product assessment & enhancement, intellectual property, marketing strategy and distribution management – our services cover the full range of business areas which allow our clients to execute their strategy flawlessly.

Our Team

Forecastech is formalized by a group of industry professionals, with full experiences in managing product development and international projects for world leading corporations, such as Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, Cathay Pacific, Nestle, L'Oreal, and Hospital Authority. Our team is multilingual with diverse backgrounds, predominantly in innovation technology, manufacturing, international trade, supply chain and professional consulting.  This combination of experience allows us to offer valuable global industry insight and expertise, which enable us to integrate and merge advisory & ideas which consider in all technical aspects, and integrate industrial insight based on actual customer demand and its dynamic, demonstrate our know-how and fill the market gap precisely.

About Us
Our Cores

Core Competencies

We cover all areas in the technology trends.

Our mission is to change the world a little bit, no matter how little it is.

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Contact Us

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Tel: (852) 5596 4261

10/F, 33 Lockhart Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong

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